Products available through regional distribution

Stairwell Books has recently entered into an agreement with an international distributor. Selected books published by Stairwell will be included in catalogs issued to booksellers worldwide. Books listed here have been released to the distributor for international availability.

We plan to ship books ordered here from a local in country location thus cutting down on the cost of shipping. As soon as this service is active and tested all qualifying books will be offered with a flat rate shipping option in all markets.

From September 15th Stairwell be be sponsoring a Connecticut region TV show and the first commercial will feature Abernathy and Tales from a Prairie Journal.


Books released for International Distribution are also released by the Distributor to Amazon and may (see note below) feature on Amazon's regional web sites. Note that the stock levels shown may be zero: this is because the distributor, not Amazon, holds the immediately available stock.

We understand that Amazon monitors social media feeds and the stock levels can change depending on the amount of social media activity.

Books released to International Distribution