Iconic Tattoo


Due November 2022 but available for purchase in October.

Iconic Tattoo follows Richard Harries wildly successful Awakening with yet another beautiful, funny and sad volume where he visits a childhood friend, and ponders what humanity has done to our natural world.


“I was immediately enamoured by not only Richard’s words, but the way he reads and his abundant enthusiasm. This second collection continues his impressive body of work. He writes eruditely covering historical facts, human rights and personal experiences.
Right from the beginning, the title poem, Iconic Tattoo, grabs you and ensures that this collection is one to be enjoyed. Read it all at once, or dip in and out, but either way you will be glad you read it. And did I mention his love of all things Petula Clark?”
Fin Hall writer, filmmaker, collaborator

“TRANSFORMATIVE AND EMOTIONAL! From poem to poem, travel on a journey written and carefully curated by conductor, Richard Harries. Stop at stations capturing the psychological effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, visit a childhood friend, and ponder what humanity has done to our natural world. Read each poem aloud and give yourself space to breathe in each experience!”
Kemlyn Tan Bappe