Author Services

Stairwell Books offers a range of services for Authors to help prepare a book for publication. In addition to regular editorial support we are able to draw on the services of a wide range of subject experts who are able to answer questions during the development of a book and review the ‘science’ of an almost completed manuscript. While accuracy is not expected in many genres especially when dealing with technology not yet discovered, for some genres, such as crime, reasonable accuracy is expected and if not true to the scope of the book can engender readership pushback: Stairwell Books has strong links with subject experts in a wide range of disciplines who can be invited to appraise a manuscript.

Editorial Services

Proofreading: identifying and repairing misspelled words, incorrect words (e.g. homonyms), incorrect grammar, incorrect punctuation, and undoing the awful things word processors can do via autocorrect. This service includes reviewing dialogue sentence structure which can be challenge to even the best authors.

Substantial editing: creates a good flow for the manuscript and includes tightening sentences; repairing run-on or fragmented sentences (while respecting your writing style); condensing, expanding, splitting or moving paragraphs; all to ensure the manuscript reads well.

Developmental editing: improves the story. It may involve repairing over or underwritten text. For example moving or removing scenes, simplifying overly complex characters or expanding two-dimensional ones, highlighting sections that are more “tell” than “show” and identifying areas where the story may require further research. We offer suggested changes.


Technical Review. The manuscript will reviewed for technical material ranging from police or social procedures to the mechanics of specialist equipment or scientific processes. Suggestions will be made where the text may need adjusting or topics in need of more detailed checking are identified.

Basic research into identified topics. Working with the author, Stairwell Books will scope the project and refine the questions that need to be answered. Much of this research will be done in-house though where necessary subject experts may be engaged. Costs will be identified before the project commences and a deposit will be taken to execute the project.

Detailed Research: Stairwell Books will identify subject experts in a range of disciplines including forensics, science, anthropology, and related disciplines. Stairwell Books will manage the relationship with the specialists. Many experts do not have the time to field ad hoc questions though it may be possible to negotiate a direct relationship at the discretion of the researcher.

Event Management

We launch every book and promote books frequently at festivals and book fairs. A well-publicized book is a book that grabs attention. We can also organize small festivals, conferences, and one-off entertainments, from hiring musicians and venues, to writing press releases to selling tickets.