Stairwell Books is a small publisher with limited resources. We like to publish high quality poetry and prose and would be interested in speaking to authors who have compelling projects in mind.  Any book published under the Stairwell Books imprint will be actively promoted by Stairwell Books.

Throughout the 2020 pandemic, in addition to continuing our publishing programme, Stairwell Books has been developing and refining its distribution channels to provide effective UK and worldwide representation. This does mean that the new books are getting more attention from retailers and readers but it also means that the production process is taking longer to implement. 

This change requires greater investment of time into our existing titles and we will be looking for really good writing that needs little pre-publication investment. If we like a title but feel it needs work then we will be happy to steer an author to a reliable editor but we can no longer afford to take on the development work as part of the publication process. We will seldom accept a title until this has been completed.

Please note that it can take up to 2 years from when a project is accepted to its appearing in print.

If you do have a project you think we might be interested in please contact us by email at

Dream Catcher

Submissions to the international arts journal, Dream Catcher, are managed by the Editor. Visit the Dream Catcher submissions page for more information.