100 Summers


Dante’s ADHD and dyslexia wins him a place at Candlesham Hall summer scholl where he feels extra stupid, gets into fights and is accused of stuff he didn’t do.
Finding Bea’s journal changes everything: it has clues to treasures hidden in the house and grounds…

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What’s an inner city kid like Dante doing in a posh old mansion house in the country? Having ADHD and dyslexia has ‘won’ him a place in a free summer school – so he can feel extra stupid, get into fights and be accused of stuff he didn’t do.
Finding an old journal changes everything. Written by a girl who lived in Candlesham Hall a centuary ago it’s really hard to read. Yet Dante has to keep reading – because Bea’s journal is filled with clues to treasures hidden around the house and grounds.
And the treasures are still there…