Life Lessons by Libby


My name is Libby Libbinski Sahr and I’m a dog. This is my autobiography, my story, and my chance to share my life lessons with you and your human companion. I’ve lived the kind of life most dogs can only imagine. Mine is a rags to riches story. Follow the lessons in this book on how you too can become the king or queen in your household.

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The story of Libby Libbinski, a dog whose life transformed from being a stray on the streets to being the queen of her household. The story begins with the early heartbreak of homelessness and dog catcher’s vans. The kind folks at Peppertree Rescue stepped in shortly after things went wrong, and helped Libby find her forever home with her human pack, “Bunny” and “Bud”.

Life Lessons by Libby is Libby’s story of her new life, told as an autobiographical instruction manual for young dogs on how to select and properly train their human companions. Written on her behalf by adoptee human Laura Engel-Sahr, this book follows Libby’s life as leader of the pack. Topics include mealtimes, boarding and the right place to sleep. Each crucial stage includes a questionnaire for a young dog to use when making life decisions, and some of the consequences of these choices.

Written with a light touch, Life Lessons by Libby is the ideal companion for dog lovers everywhere. For those thinking of adopting a new friend, the humorous yet thought-provoking anecdotes throughout the book will help aspiring adoptees understand just what it is their new friend will be looking for in their human.

This is a humorous book for animal lovers, Libby, a dog transformed from a stray on the streets of New York City, to a beloved family member. Presented as a guidance book for dogs and their people, the (canine) reader learns how to choose a family, and train them to best meet their wants, needs, and desires.

After youthful misadventure, Libby, still a pup, finds herself alone in the back of a dog catcher’s van, but she soon finds Bunny and Bud. Topics include: dining options, sleeping arrangements, personal hygiene, exercising, boarding away from home, moving across country, and growing old. Entertaining and informative for humans, dogs, and those who want to share their lives with a canine companion.


“Libby knows a good life and just loves vacationing at Henderson Pet Resort.  She stays in a lavish suite that has all the comforts of home; including a bed, plush blankets, Dog TV and of course, plenty of belly rubs.  Libby is always spoiled with treats throughout the day and a special cookie at night!  She is the queen of socializing at the resort and enjoys spending her day among the other resort guests!”

 Leslea Villigan, Henderson Pet Resort, Owner

“Everyone loves a happy ending, and Peppertree Rescue is certainly gratified to be part of Libby’s exceptionally happy one.

Her story is a heartwarming example of the wonderful rewards humans and animals reap when adoption happens.”  – Peppertree Rescue

“There is so much to love about this book. Libby’s personality shines through all the thoughtful advice she provides about how to adopt a family. But the best part is its loving foundation – the premise that homeless pets need families and are well deserving of our love. In return, they enrich our lives beyond measure.”

Thanks again for including us.

Marguerite Pearson, LVT, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society