A Business of Ferrets


Hilton is sent to his uncle’s Ferret Boarding and Welfare Society for the summer. They are threatened by unscrupulous rival breeder, Huxley. Strange events at the Bagley Ferret Festival set them on a scary path challenging Hilton every step of the way. Will they become best in the ferret business, the mismatched pair, or the horrible Huxley?


Hilton is distracted at school: his head is filled with animal facts, and his parents are worried about money and his
dad’s fondness of gambling. For a change of scenery, he is
off to spend the summer on his Uncle Norbert’s ramshackle ferret farm. The business is failing, but the root of the problem is rival breeder Huxley, renowned for stealing
prize-winning animals. Soon, Norbert’s ferrets are winning prizes again, but is his rival, Huxley, up to no good?