EBORACVM: Carved in Stone


Carved in Stone completes the saga of Cethan Lamh-fada and his family intertwined with that of the Roman Gaius who founded the fortress in Eboracvn so many years before.

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A new century dawns, and Rome’s frontiers are again in turmoil. The Year is A.D. 105. The Emperor Trajan is calling in troops from around the empire to secure Dacia’s rich mines of iron, copper, and gold. Britannia’s forts are left under strength and the north is once more in flames as the tribesmen sense weakness in Rome’s armies. The Ninth Legion, based at Eboracvm, must once more bear the brunt of the rebellion when, as the ageing Cethan Lamh-fada observes, ‘They’re having another damned go at it!’
Now settled in Brigantia and living far longer than he ever wanted, Cethan finds his family once more straddling both sides of Rome’s ambition. As two of his sons guide the fate of Rome’s legions, two more try their utmost to hold them at bay. Set against the uprising of A.D. 105 when Rome abandoned most of the north leaving Agricola’s old forts in ruins, the story completes the saga of Cethan Lamh-fada and his people, and their unending struggle to remain free.