Graham Clews Eboracvm trilogy is a wide ranging epic saga that begins with the founding of York in AD 71 and follows the fortunes of a British and a Roman family through the generations.

Eboracvm: The Village sets the scene for the often tempestuous and frequently cordial relationships between conquering Romans and rebellious Britons, intertwined with personal feuds and passionate affairs that drive the political landscape of Northern Britannia.

In Eboracvm: The Fortress the lives of Cethen, Elena, and Roman Gaius, with their now-adult children play out around that fateful meeting in Roman York. After spoiled, cocky Marcus returns to York, he finds himself in terrible danger; Rhun and Coira are caught between the land of their birth and the way of life they’ve come to know.

The series is completed in Eboracvm: Carved in Stone which covers the time when the once wooden fort is reinforced into the stone wall that can be seen today. Carved in Stone  is expected in 2022.