Yorkshire Times’ review of Looking for Githa

On the 22nd of January the Yorkshire Times’ Literary correspondent, Steve Whittaker, wrote:

A ‘go-to’ source for theatre directors and historians alike, Looking for Githa, is as much an invaluable piece of historical research into the industrial north east at the turn of the last century, as an examination of an embryonic feminist whose life was a self-imposed enigma.
Riley’s forensic investigation has unearthed many fascinating familial connections. Alongside Githa, the Sowerby line has produced children’s author and landscape painter John George Sowerby, Antarctic explorer Murray Levick, award-winning sculptor Ruby Levick, children’s book illustrator Millicent Sowerby, and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Leo Sowerby.”

You can access the full text of the review from the Yorkshire Post website – Looking For Githa: A Book And A Play At The Crucible Theatre

Steve also points out that “Sowerby’s dissection of social structures through observation has been compared to that of Ibsen. And the power of so-called Realist dramas to point up, and thereby help to redress, social iniquity, is still pressing, which is why Rutherford & Son remains cutting edge in any era”

And reminds us…

In conjunction with the play’s opening at the Crucible, publisher Stairwell Books will be launching Looking for Githa in a pre-performance event at the theatre on Saturday 9th February. Introductions by Stairwell’s Rose Drew and Alan Gillott will be followed by a presentation by the author, Patricia Riley.