Margaret Clitherow launched at new Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst

Margaret Clitherow window at the Stonyhurst Christian Heritage Centre

John and Wendy Rayne-Davis introduced a wrapt audience to their new biography of Margaret Clitherow at the new Stonyhurst Christian Heritage Centre. Wendy gave a historical overview of the politics in England during the reins of Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth providing the context for Margaret Clitherow’s martyrdom. John then explored Margaret’s life and how she got into the predicament that led to her arrest and subsequent execution.

John explained why the historical chroniclers accounts of Margaret’s family life differed from the reality of a loving and supportive husband: these chronicles led to Margaret’s husband John’s role in her life being completely misconstrued and unfairly misrepresented.

The evening was hosted by the Director, Stefan Kaminski, and supported by the Lord David Alton who provided a preface to John and Wendy’s book reinforcing the importance of Margaret Clitherow as British Catholic Saint.

The Christian Heritage Centre is located in the grounds of Stonyhurst College in a newly restored old building. The centre has accommodation available as well as a large meeting and seminar space.