Lance Clark

Lance is retired and lives near Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire – he regularly visits his partner in York, a city that he loves because of it variety and lively nature. He spent most of his life in the RAF, serving in the Indian Ocean and NATO in Europe, then left to run a charity for blind and partially sighted people in Surrey. He says that his RAF career provided him with the opportunity to observe others, the way they dealt with challenges, their quirks and their sensitivities; but he also developed a sense of humour that has stayed with him through thick and thin. His first novel with Stairwell books has mystery and shades of dark and light, as well as some funny asides. It is a collection of stories where women are the protagonists, each of them has a challenge to face in some way or another – but each story has something that will strike a chord with the reader. Lance has self-published three other books and has one ‘in the hangar’. His interests are art and sailing in Greece, but also takes time out to deliver humanitarian aid to Kosovo; coming back from the Balkans always leaves him wondering why anyone would complain about anything in the UK.

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