Stairwell is at FantasyCon again

Stairwell Books is one again attending fantasycon, the essential annual destination for readers, writers, artists, editors, and publishers of all things Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction.

You will have the chance to meet again our authors Susie Williamson, the author of the recently published The Warder and its prequel Return of the Mantra, along with Pauline Kirk (Border 7, The Keepers) and Clint Wastling (Tyrants Rex) at our bookstall in the dealers room.

Stairwell Books and our authors will be playing a full role in the events programme throughout the con. We will have copies of other Stairwell novels to hand, especially those by our featured authors.

This year we have a number of new titles Including the Water Bailiff’s Daughter and A Business of Ferrets both of which will appeal to young readers. See our Sci-Fi Fantasy list here.