Shaunna Harper

It took Shaunna Harper some years to fully realise her flair for writing. Starting out aged twelve with goofy stories of rock and roll bands’ drug-and-sex-fulled adventures on the road, she eventually started taking her writing more seriously and found her own poetic voice, publishing two poems and a short story when she was twenty-one.

She wrote her first novel, a crime mystery, while studying for her English and Writing degree at Leeds Trinity University, following it up a year later with Homelands. In all, she's written six novels - though she confesses that only two or three of them are any good.

Away from writing, Shaunna works full-time in a bar, and is quite the opposite of the stereotypical solitary writer: she is energetic, sociable and relentless in seeking out new places and experiences, she also enjoys music - mostly rock - movies, and doodling - not to mention a good night out at the pub.

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