David Lee Morgan

David Lee Morgan has travelled the world with his saxophone, as a performance poet and musician. He has won the London, UK, and BBC Slam Poetry Championships, as well as a fair number of club slams in the UK and the US, including Soul City Arts and the Nuyorican. He has featured at poetry festivals and events all over the UK, Ireland and the U.S. including StAnza (St. Andrews, Scotland), Lingo (Dublin, Ireland), the Seattle Folk Arts Festival, and the Isle of Wight Festival, where he opened for Fleetwood Mac (sadly, not on the same stage). His spoken word show, Science, Love and Revolution, received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was featured at StAnza, the international poetry festival in St. Andrews, Scotland. He is a longstanding member of the Writers Guild, and holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. He lives in London, grew up in the USA, was born in Berlin, and considers himself a citizen of the planet. He has been published in The Wooster Review, The Delinquent, The Human Rights Anthology, Huffington Post, Prowl, Schnews and Indigo.

Performance Reviews

REVIEWS of Science, Love and Revolution:


I am awed by Morgan's passion, his humorous yet enraged intellectual appraisal… An energetic, clever, passionate survey of human life.



One of those rare, passionate performances... bristling with energy and interesting ideas. If you want a bracing crash course in how to “read history… with a f***ing blowtorch,” look no further. A driving score by Michael Harding, supplemented by a smattering of saxophone solos from the poet himself, manages to complement the text without competing with it.



He was brilliant. I’ve never seen someone transform so powerfully and fully…. He spits out the words of sacrifice, suffering and revolution, of wisdom and enlightenment. What he says is radical, is political, but it’s also wise.

Links to Performances

WORD, performed at PROWL TV web series, Basement Beats


CRAZY SANTAS, performed at Vancouver Slam, Vancouver, B.C.


WHAT IS TO BE DONE, performed at The Vibe Gallery, London


THE GIFT OF PAIN, performed at Loud Poets, Edinburgh