Andrew Crowther

Andrew Crowther, who describes himself as an unprofessional writer, lives in Bradford with his wife Suzanne and a ridiculous number of books. Several attempts at his education have been made over the years, in Bradford, Lancaster and Aberystwyth.
He has been making up stories ever since he was a child, forever dreaming of fantastic events, miraculous escapes and happy endings. He is fascinated by the power of the imagination to transform this crazy life of ours into something that has shape and meaning.
He's written several plays which have been performed around Yorkshire, including Welcome to Paradise (2003), Funny Men (2008), Working Lives (2011) and Night Secrets (2022).
In another part of his life, he is the Secretary of the W.S. Gilbert Society. He has written extensively about the dramatist of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, most notably in a well-regarded 2011 biography entitled Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan.
Down to Earth is his first novel. He says he doesn't write about the real world because he's never been there.