Late Music Concert featuring Regional Poets and Composers – April 2 @ 1pm – St. Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel

Stuart O’Hara (bass) and Ionna Koullepou (piano) – Poetry Settings

April 2 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

This lunchtime programme will include no fewer than eight new settings of regional and local poets, by regional and local composers. It will also include selections from Richard Rodney Bennett’s Songs Before Sleep (texts: nursery rhymes) and Colin Matthews’ Pig Songs (texts: Wendy Cope).

The concert includes settings of local poets including Clint Wastling, Alan Gillott, Rose Drew.

Further details will be added shortly.

Stuart O’Hara — bass

Ionna Koullepou — piano

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You will also be able to buy tickets at the door.