Paul Lingaard

Paul Lingaard (the pen name of Paul Worsley) is a founder member of Fareham Writers, Hampshire. His work has been published in several anthologies. He has also worked as a woodcarver, teacher, and sculptor, exhibiting in Winchester and the South of England.

Other interests include the building of an oil fired top-lift Raku kiln which operated for 12 years at Salisbury Art Centre, an experimental recumbent trike, and a wood fired central heating system which has kept his home warm for 36 years.

An extract from “Fantastic Process”, the last piece in his book, sums up his approach and philosophy:

“The circumstance, the trigger, the train of thought
Connect, spark, become something in the mind.
Led by a feeling – a phrase – a direction
Pushed by that need to create, to elucidate
To bring the whole together from the pieces.
And so we write – or paint, or build, or sculpt,
And that miracle between our ears,
That marvellous mind, sorts, patches together, fuses
Bits of memory, present feelings, things which spark on from these,
All in consciousness.”

Although writing is now his main concern, he is passionate about the need to develop, build, and create, in whatever form. '49' is his first solo work.

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