Michael J. Lowis

Mike was born in Yorkshire, where he remained until he married Susan. The couple first moved to Cheshire and then, with their two children, spent twenty years in South Africa. On their return, now with a family increased by one, they settled in Northampton.

Convinced that he did not achieve much at school, Mike was motivated to seek further education whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself. This has been responsible for an eclectic mix of jobs over the years, ranging from laboratory technician, microbiologist, quality manager, human resource officer, psychologist, and university lecturer.

His interest in writing was born from the many assignments and articles he penned during his studies. The first of his ten books to date (one being co-authored) was based on an academic dissertation, and four more non-fiction works followed. After a memoir about his time overseas, he embarked on three collections of short stories and two historical novels. However, much of Mike’s pleasure comes from carrying out the research that underpins his narratives.

Mike has been an active musician for most of his life, buying his first instrument – an old clarinet – when he started work at the age of sixteen. Currently he plays in a swing quintet, a small church group, and leads the Northampton U3A Dixielanders.