Maxine Ridge

Maxine lives in the South Wales Valleys with her family

For most of her working life, Maxine worked with young people teaching English and Drama in schools, training centres, for community charities, and volunteering in Sri Lanka. She has spent many years living in Devon and Cornwall after which she travelled around Europe filling her diary with bad sketches and bad poetry, though homeless and heartbroken, making friends for life.

She has a PGCE and a Masters of English at the University of Exeter where she specialised in critical theory and Seventeenth-Century literature. She is particularly fascinated by the meeting of early enlightenment scientific invention and exploration with fiction. She likes to explore how the people of a certain era analyse and interpret their society’s art forms within the confines of how their world is ordered.

She now lives in Wales teaching Yoga, writing and parenting. She treads the balance between the temperance of her Yoga practice and the desire to return to romping through European cities with a glass of absinthe in one hand and a pen in the other.

The best thing about a self-employed adult life, she says, is napping during the day and eating pancakes whenever she wants.

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