Greg Michaelson

Greg Michaelson is an Edinburgh based author, who likes to write about how things aren’t and how they might be. His short stories have appeared regularly since 2001, in UK, and also New Zealand and Irish publications. Greg’s novel The Wave Singer (Argyll, 2008) was short listed for a Scottish Arts Council First Book Award, and he subsequently gained a SAC Writer’s Bursary.

In Scotland As Science Fiction (Bucknell University, 2012), Caroline McCracken-Flesher generously wrote:
"There is another side to irrevocable change. And it is worked out in innovative science fiction such as Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Space Woman, Iain M. Banks’ “Culture,” and Greg Michaelson’s The Wave Singer. (p8)"

Reading voraciously, Greg favours spare realist writing, with or without magic, and thinks you can’t go wrong with an Icelandic saga or Ursula Le Guinn or Tove Jansson, or, indeed Naomi Mitchison or Iain M. Banks. Most recently, he has enjoyed some fine African SF by Namwali Serpell, and Tade Thompson.

Once upon a time, Greg was an academic Computer Scientist, teaching and researching the design of programming languages, and the theory of computing, about which he wrote numerous papers, and several books. Since he retired, he has been a part-time Archaeology student. Currently he’s working for a PhD, exploring the public understanding of prehistory. This involves interrogating far too many Punch cartoons from 1841 to 2001, to tease out how cave-people are portrayed.

Greg likes travelling and arguing and cinema and eating and going for long walks and playing folk music, in whichever combinations offer themselves.