Donna Marie Merritt

Donna Marie was born in Rome; alas, not the Rome of the orphan twins but Rome, New York. She spent most of her early years in Texas before moving to Connecticut to complete her High School education, and her graduate and post graduate degrees in education and psychology. After teaching elementary and middle school children for 14 years she retired to become a full time writer.

She has written extensively in the field of education with books to help parents, teachers and children, receiving three awards from Learning Magazine for her contributions to the Big Book Math and Big Book Science series of teacher's guides in 2007, 2008 and 2009. She also received an award for Young Adult Fiction from Children's Writer in 2005 and from Dimensions for Poetry in 1984.

Donna’s background in education and psychiatry is evident in the wide range of articles, essays and poems she has had published and in her three poetry books: What's Wrong with Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life; Cancer, A Caregiver’s View; and Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry. These books are published in their “Poems for Tough Times” series by Avalon Press in Cornwall, England.

In summary Donna has published 14 children’s math and science books and 38 teacher’s guides (Abrams Learning Trends, 2004 to 2006); and dozens of articles on education, family, faith, and writing, three books of poetry and the book Too Tall Tina(Kane Press in 2005)

More information is available from Donna Marie Merritt’s own web site where she explains the origins of her pen names and aliases (shouldn't a well brought up Roman call them aliae - for the persnickety, feminine pleural). The short item explaining these aliases to her younger readers tells us that she has two daughters, Brianna and Christine and a step-son, Walker. It is perhaps only fair to mention she has a husband, Stew.

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