The Ordinariness of Parrots


A long awaited first collection from the widely published Amina Alyal, who draws from history, art and everyday life to offer new perspectives on old themes, writing with wit and carefully controlled fire.


A very diverse collection of poems threaded through with stunning images of gardens and sewing collated together in a mix of dark and playful, formal and experimental, and personal and historical poetry. These are poems which feel borderless; images seamlessly flow into each other- the rigid ice of language cracks to reveal the door closing with a kiss or the woman becoming her harp. This is a transformative, joyous collection where the everyday blends with the vibrant.
Alyal is a painter who applies brilliant observation with precise brushstrokes and a clear, questioning intelligence.  Everything is observed with a cool passion, using a full palette of colours and emotions. She stretches with ease from back yards to hidden constellations, deftly slipping through chinks in time. Leave-takings and disconnections flip to reveal startling new alliances, pin-sharp and exact.

This collection is endorsed by Char March, Andrew McMillan, James Nash and Oz Hardwick.


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USA & Rest of the world
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