The surprising world of the Dominatrix, as seen on TV. Lorraine’s passions, her start, her clients, and her real-life challenges and rewards. Have you been naughty?

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Volunteer at a Thai elephant sanctuary
Owner of a beloved dog
Private pilot
…and Dominatrix?
Whatever you think you know about BDSM – you don’t. Meet Lorraine, Lifestyle Dom with a professional side, and a few of her clients. She’s not a prostitute. She’s not for sale. She’s not 6 foot tall, with a whip hanging on her belt. She’s like no one you’ve ever met before… unless you know another Dominatrix.
“A man doesn’t want to be judged or ridiculed by the rest of the world, so he won’t admit to his submissive streak. In fact, his best mate could also be doing the same thing, or at least dreaming about it, but neither will ever learn about the other because the subject is taboo. For some subs, this is a very lonely place to be.” – from Mistress
Mistress was a surprising read from start to finish. I expected to hear an interesting story of the life of a Dominatrix but what I hadn’t expected was her intelligence and insight into human psychology and her empathy and unconditional acceptance of her clients. Some chapters were full of humour, others, one in particular regarding her volunteering at the elephant sanctuary, made me weep. Her tenacity in reaching her goal of learning to fly and her indefatigable spirit when faced with major disasters and opposition to her business makes her an inspiration. She came across as far more of a role model for feminism than the many who seek such labels. I have taken far more from this book than I ever expected. Thank you Mistress!”