Gringo on the Chickenbus


A the poetic record of Tim and Robbie’s adventures in South America. This volume is exquisitely illustrated by Robbie who is a fantastic artist.


Tim Ellis and his partner Robbie Burns transport you to the magic of South America with Tim’s energetic poetry and Robbie’s glorious illustrations. This volume is the poetic record of their adventures and some of their experiences with the exotic, both animate and inanimate.

Tim has already won a number of performance prizes with these poems which were also the basis of a show at the Ilkley Poetry Festival.

In these poems you see two cultures eying one another in equal parts of wonder, suspicion and delight; the beautiful scenery; the amazing wildlife; and the grueling difficulties of being a stranger in a paradise that still requires passports, papers, pesos and patience.

Tim and Robbie love the outdoors and are avid bird-watchers, so much so that they travel the world in pursuit of, maybe adventure, but certainly exotic species. This book is an experience that must not be missed.

Gringo was named as one of the Top 20 Best Individual Collections of 2011 by the Purple Patch.


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USA & Rest of the world
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