An anthology of erotic poems from The Exhibitionists published to coincide with their Erotic Poetry Night at the 2010 York Literature Festival.

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‘a pleasurable sensation of fright’

frisson, released during the York Literature Festival at the packed Erotic Poetry Night in the Black Swan, a 15C pub in the historic City of York, is a collection of poems with little bit of je ne sait quoi.

Erotic poetry has a long and time honoured tradition reaching back to the Arabian Nights and the Song of Solomon. The editor selected poems for their sensuality rather than their attention to detail.

The book contains a mix of lust, love, commentary, nature, sensuality, comedy, yearning and lyricism, all written with taste and sensibility. It is an ideal summer evening’s read when, combined with  late evening sunsets, a gentle breeze, the rustling leaves and gentle lapping of the river against the banks, will all contribute to a pleasant atmospheric experience.

frisson, which, following yet another great British tradition of names not being pronounced quite as they are spelled, is a collection of the more intimate poems from the best poets in York.


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