A Multitude of Things

This collection of short plays, some performed, some new, is a selection of found moments, found poetry if you will, gathered from real live and placed in a new context.


This is a collection of short plays of short plays garnered from real life: these are overheard snippets of conversation, children’s truthes, elderly wisdom, often heard out of context but at the same so gloriously in context that they represent the uniquely real lives we live in.

These plays, playlets even, touch on events in everyone’s lives even if we have only had a glancing acquaintance with the circumstances, they will all have been seminal moments. You will meet the annoying hospital visitor, the aggrieved wife, the obsessive hoarder, the abuse surviver the mysterious pensioner, bitchy office worker, broken man or the speed dating extravaganza.

Everyone has a story to tell and in the telling something of life is revealed. My life, your life, ordinary life, because sometimes the ordinary can be extraordinary.


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USA & Rest of the world
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