Dream Catcher 38


Literary Arts Magazine featuring poetry, prose, reviews and the art of Angus Vasili. Guest Editor Wendy Pratt.

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Dream Catcher 38 is an excellent mixture of high quality prose, poetry, reviews and art. We didn’t set out to have a set theme to this issue, yet it has fallen into a reverie on the current state of the world, with work that is hopeful, dystopian, humorous, futuristic and compassionate.

There is a powerful, bone-chilling monologue by Ben Benison from his new stage play Jack Lear, some dystopian memory stealing in Victoria Dowd’s short story Soul Repository and for those with their feet firmly in the here and now Robert Etty captures the confusion of modern life in The Naming of Colleagues. Ceinwen Haydon depicts the power of the small, concentrating memory into a poem which peels back the layers in Your Gift and Graham Hubbard strings the tension out in his short story The Clean Up. We also have reviews of Pauline Kirk’s Grant Poetry collection Time Traveller, Josie Moon’s La Luna Books collection Carnival of the Underworld: Poems from the Swamp and Alan Price’s Wardrobe Blues for a Japanese Lady from The High Window. I wish there was room to commend every single piece in this issue, they are all worthy of a mention.

Threaded through Dream Catcher38 is the art work of Angus Vasili whose mixed genre prints push boundaries, combining architectural images, often of brutalist, with abstract shapes and burning, vivid colour. It’s an absolute delight to feature this York based artist work and I hope you’ll visit his website.