Fools for Love: two new books

A return of former journalists John Wheatcroft and Alan Smith in conversation with Alan Gillott about their latest novels exploring sex, death, and romantic love: no fools like old fools.

7pm – 9pm
Wine, beer, soft drinks available
Marriott Room: York Explore. Library Square (Off Museum Street). York steps-free access

Alan Smith and John Wheatcroft bring their experience as journalists and prison teachers to their new novels, Virginia , and Rocket Boy.

Virginia is an actor whose lover Dan dies slowly and awfully, leaving her wishing him both alive and dead; until she meets Hank, who is also trapped between lives.

In Rocket Boy, Simon Waiters’ life is defined by a childhood meeting with Yuri Gagarin; revisiting his past, and lost loves, sounds dangerous but could just be the break he needs.

Alan and John discuss their books with Stairwell publisher Alan Gillott.